Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Sayonara Google Reader... Olá Alina

I suppose everybody knows by now that Google Reader's days are numbered. Rather than leave it 'till the last minute and have another of my uh-oh moments, I've decided to make the switch early.

On my iPhone I have this thing called "Feedly" (ever heard of it?) and I occasionally use it to browse my fave blogs. It made sense to swap Google Reader with Feedly on my MacBook as well.  But it turned out to be way more complicated. Feedly and I were throwing terrible tantrums and only one could prevail. So I zapped Feedly  into oblivion and switched to bloglovin'.  Not bad....and then I noticed the 738 unread blog posts! Seriously?!

This is going to take a while, guys. So bear with me. I'm not going to shop around for another reader. I  just want out of this techno-fog. For those who know what it all means, I leave you with this gidget / widget / midget to click on so you can continue to follow me ...I think.

Follow on Bloglovin

Frankly, I'm not entirely sure about any of this but there's some kind of exodus going on and I'm jumping on the bandwagon so as not to be left behind! That's the plain truth. But I'll know more when I get there....hopefully!

On a lighter note, I want to show you a couple of piccies I took of my dear friend, Alina, at a recent Easter fair. She is an amazing potter and is extremely creative with clay and porcelain. She's working on her website and I'll add a link as soon as it's up.  Sometimes you're just so proud of your friends you want everyone to know... I'm having such a moment now!     

Alina stands firmly behind her craft.

These are just some of her pieces. She also makes stunning mugs, bowls, dishes, even garden ornaments.  

See ya tomorrow for our regular crafting rendezvous.



  1. Alina's pottery looks beautiful! You are such a nice friend to showcase her work! I'm with you about all this "following" stuff. Really bugs me to have to switch. That said, I found where I could just import my whole Google list into Blog Lovin' so I am still following everyone and don't have to click on every blog. Eases the pain a little!

  2. I really don't understand whats going on either. I never used googl reader, I use blogger and its own lists, but then I didn't know any different. With Bloglovin, is it like totally separate to your blog, like maybe facebook, but it has a list of all you blogs? Totally confusticated and hope I don't lose my followers.


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