Monday, 2 April 2012


Hello again, my friends. Late night post from me. I've had a busy Sunday morning and I thought the most relaxing way to end the day would be to make a simple no nonsense one layer card for Waltzing Mouse Sketch Challenge #91. 15 minutes, nay 20, tops and I'd be done, all zen-ed up to face the start of another week. But what transpired was quite a different story: a 3 hour calamitous adventure. So, what happened? Just about everything.

Take 1: Crisp clean white card base. Stamp image & sentiment straight on card base. Cat jumps on table. Knocks over mug of hot coffee. *"%$!& Chuck card, clean mess, start over.

Take 2: New card base. Image & sentiment as before. Use craft knife to make slits on card base for ribbon. Slice finger. *%*#@&! Bloody mess! Chuck card, start over.

Take 3: New card base. Plaster on finger. Stamping done. Liking the look. Feeling smug. Leaning forward. Inky stamp falls off acrylic block onto card! %*@#%"!&*$@&$"!!!

Take 4: On warpath with self. Grab scrap white CS. Stamp. Stitch. Ink. Still seething. Attach ribbon. Adhere to same card base from Take 3. But wait! Tiny spot of something on centre lantern! Blood? Sweat? Coffee? Last night's Kung Pao chicken? Now smouldering (me, not the chicken). Rummage bin. Cut out good lantern from previous out-take. Pop dots. Storm out. Slam door.

Meet my nemesis!
The stamps are from WMS Asian Garden Additions set.
Look carefully.  Can you see those teeny tiny blossoms? It's a stamp from the WMS Big Blooms (!) set, stamped randomly with TH's Spun Sugar.
I stitched the twiney cordy thingy for the lanterns to choke dangle on. 
I inked the edges of the white CS with TH's Tattered Rose and adhered the red ribbon.  Celebrate, indeed! Not what was on my mind at the time, I tell ya!
See that seemingly benign middle lantern? It proved to be the straw that broke this camel's back. 
That's it! I'm done. I should find a less hazardous hobby like chain-saw juggling. Cannot thank you enough for patiently sitting through my cantankerous ranter. I hope tomorrow is a boring mundane day for me... and yours is as exciting as you would like it to be.

As always, stop by Make It Monday #83 where you're sure to find gorgeous cards and such to put a smile on your face. And it's safe, trust me!

Good night, my friends. Today I was knocked out by a one layer card. <sniff>



  1. LOL, oh sorry, I shouldn't laugh :o)

    With all the drama you still managed a wonderful card!! love the simplicity of the design.

    Great post!!

    I have featured your card on my Pink Paper Paradise facebook page.

    Thank you for sharing with us at Make It Monday this week.

    Michelle :o)

    1. Glad you like the card. More importantly, glad I made you smile! Thank you so much for the Facebook mention. (Looks like I need an account to comment there. Figured that much!).


  2. I'm sorry for all your card trouble! But your story did make me laugh! Maybe you'll laugh, too, someday?? ;)
    Your final product really is wonderful!!!

  3. Asha I love the simplicity of this card. Nice colour combo too. Thanks for sharing at MIM.
    Stamping Shanni

  4. Wonderful cARD aSHA. SAW THIS ON mim. lOZ

  5. OMG this is so funny, Asha! The same thing always happens to me with those CAS cards. My card this week took me 5 tries, and I still saw mistakes :) But I cried uncle and took a picture...quick! Yours is so lovely with the bright lanterns against the white. Love the stitched swirl for them to dangle from :)

  6. What a lovely card, beautifully crafted. I saw your card at MIM and decided to stop by - really glad I did! Sheryl xx

  7. LOL - oh how I can identify with you. These one layer cards look so simple but we all know how much blood, sweat and tears goes into them (in your case literally!) But it was all worth it - it's a beautiful card!

  8. Who would know a card can cause SUCH trouble! Been there!!! Love your lanterns and the wonderful stitching! thanks for persevering with your WMS sketch card this week Asha!

  9. Oh, Asha, that was so funny to read.....we've all been there haven't we lol! Well worth it though, your card is lovely!Saw you at MIM.
    Hugs Jo x

  10. Hi Asha, I get into enough trouble just making the CAS card. They're not my strong point I can tell you. Love your card, the lanterns are lovely and yes i can see you wee flowers, real cute. Popped over from MIM. Thanks for dropping by earlier. Carolxx

  11. Hello Asha. I saw this Beauty on MIM. Faye

  12. This is beautiful! Love the slightly raised up lamp in the middle, and fab stitching!

  13. Oh my - what a way to get to a finished card....but it is lovely!

  14. You made me LOL!!! I adore your card and am so sorry it caused you so much angst! Maybe the next one will be easier! :)

  15. Lol, love everything ….. you added to your card :) Beautiful stitching too!

  16. Simply wonderful! Love the WM lanterns strung about! Thanks for joining along with the WMSC :)

  17. Love your card with the pretty lanterns! I signed to follow. Came across your site from the wonderful Make It Monday!

  18. Wow....that card was trying to get the best of you-glad it didn't it's lovely!!! I have been there (actually last nite) at least with the chucking and redoing blood!!!

  19. Nicely done! Great CAS card! I love the pop of color! Thanks for sharing this with us at WMSC! :)

  20. I love the lanterns with the one layer looks great!

  21. Saw your project on Make it Monday and had to come over and take a closer look. I’m enjoying looking at all the amazing inspiration.
    Crafty Blogocks
    DT Member for Catch The Bug

  22. I love the lanterns and your story was so funny and happens to me way more than I'd care to admit! The stitching of the lantern cable is such a great touch!

  23. LOL.....I think this beautiful card was totally worth the calamitous adventuring...but as it was your blood, sweat and...tears(??) that got you there, probably only you can make that call!

    Thanks for making me laugh, and good luck with the chain-saw juggling...can you at least practice with the saw unplugged?

    Happy Easter!


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